Wheel repair and refurbishment

Don’t let kerbed alloy wheels spoil the appearance, or value, of your car. Ace alloys’ unique refurbishment service can restore damaged alloy wheels to their original factory shine, for the fraction of the cost a replacement wheel!

  • Our refurbishment begins with removing the wheel from the car, the tyre is then removed from the wheel. The wheel and tyre are both inspected for imperfections like uneven tyre wear and cracks or buckles.
  • The wheels are then labelled along with the centre caps and tyre pressures monitors and tyres.
  • The wheel is then stripped back to bare aluminium to give us the best opportunity to restore your wheels and for you to enjoy the factory finish once completed.
  • The wheel is now ready to prep the damaged service ready for paint. At this point any last repairs like welding cracks or straightening¬† buckles are done now.
  • The wheel is then media blasted to etch and remove any remains of the old paint.
  • ¬†The wheels are then place in the oven for preheating, then are primed using are highly durable powdercoat primers.
  • The basecoat is then applied after the primer has cured, this can be the original colour or a specific colour of your choice.
  • The wheels are then finished with a deep shine powdercoat lacquer that gives an exceptional finish.
  • The tyres are then fitted and balanced using our laser align wheel balancer. The wheels are then fitted back on the vehicle where the tyre pressures are set and the wheel bolts are torque to the factory settings.
Jaguar x wheel kerb
Refinished jag wheel