Wheel straightening and welding

  • Buckled or cracked wheels can be very dangerous.  If you have experienced excessive vibrations throught the steering wheel or excessive tyre wear, this could be due to a buckled wheel.  If you have hit a pothole or kerbed the wheel badly this can have an effect on the wheel. Out of shape wheels will not only give vibrations through the steering but can cause damage to the tyres and suspension components on the vehicle.
  • Welding is generally required when a wheel has a crack or split . These wheels have to be inspected before they can be repaired as the we will only repair the crack if we are confident the repair is safe for every day use.
  • We also weld repair wheels that have significant  kerb damage, where small parts of aluminium are missing or the wheel has lost its shape because of large amounts of damage.



Damaged wheel
Damaged maserati wheel